XM free webinar on trader psychology - controling emotions while trading

XM free webinar on trader psychology - 13 June 2017

2018-01-24 13:46:12

XM free webinar, necessary to urge the traders about having control on negative psychological pulses that traders regularly come across with.

Due to the high risk rate of trading in financial markets such as Forex and Binary Options, it occurs a lot that even skilful traders with a good knowledge of market analysis lose a lot of money.

Since it’s all about the traders’ emotions that the price trends are shaped, it’s being more urgent to control our emotions while trading in the financial markets.

Taking into account the risks of negative psychology in trading, XM has set a free webinar on trader psychology on 13th of June (+3:00) in order to have their clients control their emotions and limit their losses and thus boost their profits.

Start Date 2017-06-13
End Date 2017-06-13



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