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Impact of New Lumber Tariffs on US Coal Export - 27th of April 2017

2017-04-27 11:37:04

The ban request on United States coal shipments in an open letter from Christy Clark to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shows counteraction to the new US tariffs on softwood lumber. The tensions heated up after the increment on softwood lumber tariffs from Canada to the United States.

After President Trump addressed termination of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) agreement, some Canada and Mexico stocks plunged sharply. The attacks of President Trump on Canadian dairy pricing intensify the tension.

Christy Clark asks the Canadian government to use every tool to ensure a fair deal on lumber. From her point of view, the US government enforce new policy that does not support the friendship trading and partner cooperation between two countries.

Although it may have promising effect on US Coal industry, however, some economic analyst believe that this ban is more for show than for action. The ban may have little effect on US coal shipment to the Asian market, but it will bring up more tension among two countries.

The new US policy is to revise those agreements and treaties that the White House believes they do not meet their expectations.



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