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  • OPEC most likely success of extending oil cut

    It seems that the biggest petroleum countries are seeking to double their gains in oil markets by adapting a reduction agreement once again.
  • New Austerity program in Saudi Arabia aiming at unfinished projects

    Saudi Arabia’s oil-based economy has seen so many fluctuations since the first drilling projects, but the kingdom had a great growth by the oil price explosion in 1970s. The oil windfall changed the face of the kingdom and people, especially within the next decades when they got more accustomed to abundance. The 2014 oil slip had its impact on welfare in Saudi Arabia since they used their currency reserves and face a budget deficit reached 16% of economic output. The oil price collapse carried big challenges to GCC countries especially Saudi Arabia as engaged directly to regional conflicts. The kingdom has been facing the regional changes politically and economically since 2011 when the “Arabian Spring” began; the army was engaged in Yemen civil war.

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