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NFA Regulator

NFA is a self-governed sectoral organization representing American futures industry. Day after day NFA strain to elaborate regulations, programs and services meant to protect market integrity and investors, ensuring legal qualification of it Members.

FSA Japan Regulator

The FSA is a Japanese regulatory body, undertaking to assure the financial system stability, to protect depositors, holders of insurance policies and investors of the securities market. Characterized by strict supervision, the FSA doesn’t only inspect private financial companies, but also carries out securities transactions monitoring.

CySEC Regulator

Widely known as CySEC, The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission corresponds to a regulatory body in the sphere of financial relations in the Republic of Cyprus.

FCA Regulator

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is a quasi-governmental UK agency, established as one of the successors to the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

BaFin Regulator

Since its establishment in May 2002, BaFin has been carrying out the supervision of most financial undertakings in the country such as banks, insurance ventures and providers of all kinds of financial services functioning under the same roof. The Federal Ministry of Finance exercises control over BaFin.

SCA Regulator

Fulfillment of federal tasks has always been the goal of Securities and Commodities Authority. Its normative acts establish and enhance the legal environment of the companies engaged in the securities business, thus, strengthening the Authority’s credibility.

Danish FSA Regulator

The Danish FSA’s main mission is to carry out the supervision of various financial ventures such as banks, superannuation funds, mortgage-credit institutions and insurance companies. Solvency supervision is one the basic priorities of this regulatory body. This supervisory activity means that all the financial ventures have to possess their own adequate funds in order to cover all their risks.

CFTC Regulator

Economic benefit of the markets dealing with futures is assured by the CFTC through promotion of their competitive capacity and efficiency. It strives for protection of market agents against fraud in order to exclude manipulation and unfair commercial practice, paying due attention to the clearing process soundness.

FSA Regulator

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is a quasi-governmental UK agency, established as one of the successors to the Financial Services Authority (FSA). It regulates retail and wholesale financial services firms in the United Kingdom and maintains the integrity of the UK’s financial markets.

ESMA Regulator

Since 1 January 2011 ESMA has been functioning instead of former CESR (the Committee of European Securities Regulators). The latter one, being an independent organization set by European Commission, gave birth to ESMA. Since then ESMA has made its contribution to the protection and support of the EU financial system stability.

ASIC Regulator

All the financial markets and firms in Australia as well as organizations and individual self-employed specialists consulting on and dealing with such issues as superannuation, insurance, investment, deposit withdrawals and credit-taking are regulated and controlled by ASIC.

Swedish FSA Regulator

The Swedish FSA is a governmental agency. We strive for promotion of financial stability and assurance of consumer rights. Every company engaged in Swedish financial markets is liable to our supervision and authorization. Analysis of market patterns, evaluation of business soundness of firms, industries and market in general are within our cognizance. Paying due attention to risks and control measures, we ascertain conformity to the relevant normative acts.

SEC Regulator

SEC in the U.S. ensures protection of investors, maintenance of fair markets, and capital formation advancement. The main participants dealing with securities are controlled by the agency. The first concern of the SEC here lies in promotion of crucial information disclosure, protection against fraud and fair business relations.

DFSA Regulator

Economic activity of a free target-oriented zone in Dubai is regulated by the DFSA. Management of resources and securities, execution of banking and trust services, Islamic finance, exchange of international equities and derivatives, as well as insurance matters fall within the competence of the DFSA.

CDCC Regulator

Being the Montreal Exchange’s subsidiary companу, CDCC fulfills the function of the principal clearing counterparty in the process of derivative output trading on the exchange. Apart from this function, CDCC performs as a counterparty in an increasing number of the off-exchange trade deals.

OSC Regulator

All the capital markets of Ontario including equities, derivatives markets and fixed income are liable to the regulation by the OSC. Being a self-financed organization, the OSC is at the same time a state-run agency. It means that this commission is responsible vis-a-vis the Legislature of Ontario via the Minister of Finance.

FINRA Regulator

FINRA is the largest independent agency regulating securities-related sphere of activity of various organizations in the U.S. FINRA’s objective lies in protection of American investors through assurance of fair and honest operation of the securities industry.

CBI Regulator

The Central Bank of Ireland is the financial services regulator of Ireland and historically the central bank. In compliance with Central Bank Reform Act 2010 the Financial Services Authority of Ireland (commonly known as the Central Bank) and the Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority (financial regulator) were replaced by a new single body - the Central Bank of Ireland – which now fulfills both central banking and regulatory functions.

BCSC Regulator

The BCSC is a state-run corporation able to control and govern a dynamic market due to its self-sufficiency and adjustability. Being one of the governmental agencies we report to the Legislature via the minister that bears responsibility for the Securities Act administration. BCSC’s self-financing signifies that not ratepayers but the participants of the market bear the securities regulation cost.

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