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What is Andrew's Pitchfork?

Developed by Dr. Alan H. Andrews, this technical indicator can be exploited to detect most profitable chances as well as sound and reliable support and resistance lines.

It consists 3 points on Peaks and Valleys, on Bearish trend 1st point should be placed on a peak, 2nd point on valley of next wave and 3rd point on peak of next wave.

Utilizing Awesome Oscillator, known as AO, would help traders to detect proper points by identifying phase of peaks and valleys. 1st and 3rd points have same phases while 2nd point has the opposite phase.

On each wave and phase traders must select highest or lowest points to detect useful and correct pattern.

It is believed that in more than 80% of the detected patterns trend would return to Median line, plotted from 1st point while only remaining 20% shows shift of market sentiment toward new trend.

A line can be placed to connect 1st and 3rd points, called Trigger line, to identify a beneficial support/resistance line.

Under particular circumstance when Andrew's Pitchfork pattern has sharp acclivity or declivity, traders can place new 1st point between a straight line from previous 1st and 2nd point to draw new enhanced pattern.

Andrew PitchFork Pattern

This technical indicator shows long term trend movement toward specific direction. Based on the candlestick patterns near the lines, due to the fact that these lines are powerful support and resistance lines, a trading strategy can recognized with other confirmations from other indicators and oscillators.

If you want to understand the concept of this indicator, consider it as a channel in which the price trend is moving toward top or bottom. Based on the market reactions to a financial or political news plus other strategies, price moves toward one of the lines. At those important areas, traders can use other confirmation to find a good trading spot.

Regarding the Trigger line, price may break the 3rd line out of the channel toward the trigger line and may return from this line. Connecting the 1st and the 3rd lines to draw this line will bring the last support/resistance line for detecting the price movement with the help of Andrew's Pitchfork indicator. Thus, the major candlestick patterns or specific signal from other indicators or tool as well as an important market news near the Trigger line show another trading opportunity that a trader can use for a successful order.

The most important factor in Adrew's Pitchfork pattern is the selection detection of the points; 1st, 2nd and the 3rd points. If the points are not selected correctly then the lines are not providing valid support/resistance lines, hence the signals based on this indicator will probably show unreliable future trends. To specify the valid points, traders must find the specific highs and lows where price returned toward the opposite direction without more or less fluctuations. This may need more investigations on different time-frames.

For instance, you can specify the trend direction on the long-term periods like Weekly or Monthly period, then detect the highs and lows on the 4 hours or 1 hour time-frames. The valid highs and lows may be detected with other strategies and indicators like Divergence/Convergence or RSI, Stochastic and AO.

Different Andrew’s Pitchfork Strategy

Diverse technical analysis can be generated from this pattern with various strength and effect.

Under particular circumstance when Andrew's Pitchfork pattern has sharp acclivity or declivity, traders can place new 1st point between a straight line from previous 1st and 2nd point to draw new enhanced pattern.

Most popular technical analyses are as follows;

  1. 1stType: When price moves along the line from 3rd point and it cannot proceed near Median line, if it bounces from 3rd line, where there would be other confirmation analyses from MACD, RSI or Candlestick patterns, price would jump toward Median line.
  2. 2ndType: On a normal pattern, in which price proceeds toward Median line from 3rd line, if price cannot cross Median by a complete candlestick and other confirmations for reversal trend appear then price would probably return from Median line toward 3rd line.
  3. 3rdType: After price proceeds toward Median line from 3rd line and it bounces back toward Trigger line back without crossing Median line, if it cannot pass Trigger line where other reversal confirmations from indicators and patterns emerge then it would be highly probable that price moves away from Trigger line toward 3rd line.
  4. 4thType: On the occasion that price proceeds from 3rd line to 2nd line with some fluctuations on Median line, if it cannot pass 2nd line and other reversal confirmations arise, a reversal trend toward Median line can be speculated.

Features of Andrew’s Pitchfork Strategy in Technical Analysis

Influential on all markets
Applicable on all financial markets and trading symbols
Strong Support/Resistance lines
Different support/resistance lines especially from 1st to 3rd point with highly influential effect on future trend
Steady response
With more than 80% successful speculations, trend would return to Median line from 3rd line
Combinable with indicators
Convenient results from combination of this pattern with other indicators specially AO, MACD, RSI and Stochastic
Diverse strategies
Through various conclusions and moods, traders can utilize various strategies from this pattern
Continuation and Reversal
Both Continuation and Reversal technical analysis can be generated based on trend reaction on this pattern

Advantages of our Developed Andrew’s Pitchfork Strategy

Available on ALL financial markets
We generate our spectacular analysis on all tradable symbols and financial markets
Precise and accurate pattern
Through our high tech, well programmed and automated system, the most accurate pattern can be detected timely
Modified and enhanced format
Our well-educated and highly experienced R&D team develops and enhances detection conditions for perfect and highly credible outcome, with some unique conclusions such as modified mood for steep patterns
Advanced wave detection
By applying advanced integrated control module, our wave detection system indicates waves precisely
Reversal and continuation
Our programmed algorithm can detect both reversal and continuation analysis from Andrew's Pitchfork pattern
Valid and substantiated signal
Valid and reliable trading signals from Andrew's Pitchfork pattern and its Trigger line are generated with high validity and prosperity
Combined mood
Our professional financial team has developed an algorithm, comprised of unmatched RSI and Stochastic indicators plus sound Candlestick pattern detector, in which Divergence/Convergence is considered to be utilized on our unrivalled Andrew's Pitchfork technical analysis generator
Accessible through Mobile App
Our technical team have developed application for both iOS and Android cell phones and tablets
Attainable via Desktop App (Linux and Windows)
Desktop application can be executed on Linux and Windows operating systems
Real-time notifications and online updates
For successful trades, traders must have valid and well-timed information and technical analysis, hence our system delivers high quality technical analysis instantly. Providing any changes in market speculation and analysis, updates on our technical analysis would be delivered promptly.
Variable Pips
Our technical analysis can be exploited for various trading methods with different TP and SL prices
Timely alert
Immediate alert will be generated just after entry price has been touched
We provide our Andrew's Pitchfork technical analysis on all available time frames

Andrew's PitchFork Strategy

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