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Candlestick Pattern

More than 200 years ago, Homma Munehisa, a Japanese rice merchant, has exploited this technique (Candlestick pattern) to conjecture future market price by considering price, supply and demand of market for rice.

This technique shows specific and precise prices during a certain time promptly; Open Price, Close Price, High Price and Low Price. Based on the price direction, the colour of the candle changes to show if the candle is bullish or bearish.

Candlestick Pattern

Main body of each candle is between close and open price while shadow of candle is between main body and High or Low prices. One of the most significant data can be derived from the length of shadows and main body.

Candlestick Patterns in Technical Analysis

There are more than 100 candlestick patterns with different priorities; Weak, Normal and principal patterns.

Nowadays traders can gather opportune data from candlestick patterns by determining some issues, including but not limited;

  1. Combination of certain candles patterns in a specific trend
  2. Length of shadows or main body
  3. Position of candles in respect to previous or next candles

The most significant factor of candlestick is its immediate reveal of investors’ sentiments, as traders can infer beneficial information for subsequent decisions and conjectures.

PForex exploits this major advantage as well as other benefits to generate most reliable and robust technical analysis at the earliest possible time, hence traders can speculate the future target price timely.

First-rate candle patterns are detected and analysed by our prosperous systems in addition to well-educated and highly experienced market connoisseur.

Considering our client oriented policy, we have developed most convenient methods to provide prime candlestick technical analysis to our clients.

The combination of candlestick patterns with other effective tools and patterns begets powerful trading strategies with high rate of success.

Tweezers Bearish Bullish

Comprised of two opposite adjacent candlesticks with Bullish and Bearish types, it specifies reversal points.

We utilize most recent and high tech systems to detect tip-top Tweezers patterns to gain highest rate of successful outcomes. Multiple sample

Dark Cloud

This Bearish candlestick pattern shows retracement point toward bottom in an upwards trend.

Respecting diverse styles, we apply strict conditions to filter most powerful candles for the best result. Multiple sample

Engulfing Bearish Bullish

Bullish and Bearish Engulfing patterns determine returning points, hence most effective patterns are detected by our online system to assist traders for more successful orders. Multiple sample

Piercing Line

On downward trend, with Bullish candle just after a Bearish Candle under certain circumstances, this candle pattern indicates future price increment.

Through a predefined provision provided by highly experienced financial experts, our system selects the most potent Piercing Line patterns. Multiple sample

Hammer Bearish Bullish

One of the most well-known candle patterns, with strong effects on market direction, which shows future uptrend.

To get finest result we set our detection system based on defined body and shadows ratio to acquire most influential cases. Multiple sample

Shooting Star Bearish Bullish

This reversal pattern has opposite characteristics of Hammer pattern that can have prominent impression on market trend, thus traders can use chosen ones that are acquired by our system. Multiple sample

Features of Candlestick Technical Analysis

Influential on all markets
Highly effective consequences on all financial markets around the world
Instant response on trend
Due to fast indication of market sentiment, future trend can be speculated shortly
Optimum time-frame
Maximum efficiency on H4 and longer time range
Adaptable with various sessions
Traders can set candlesticks based on favourable market sessions
Accurate order prices
Accurate specification of best price to place and order as well as Stop loss and Take profit prices
Real-time indication of reversal positions
Traders can find best return on time to place profitable orders
Simple and straightforward structure
Easy to understand and use even by amateur trades
Market sentiment illustration
Shows if most investors desire to buy or sell on particular time

Advantages of our Candlestick Technical Analysis

Available on ALL financial markets
We generate our spectacular analysis on all tradable symbols and financial markets
Most powerful and profitable pattern
Statistics and results confirm prosperity of our accurate and valid analysis
Modified and perfect patterns
Despite of various conclusions, our well-educated and highly experienced R&D team develops and enhances detection conditions for perfect and highly credible outcome
Precise and clear Stop Loss, Take Profit and Entry prices
We generate precise order prices to help amateur traders to place successful trades while professional traders can use accurate spots to confirm their speculations
Accessible through Mobile App
Our technical team have developed application for both iOS and Android cell phones and tablets
Attainable via Desktop App (Linux and Windows)
Desktop application can be executed on Linux and Windows operating systems
Real-time notifications and online updates
In order to trade successfully, traders must have valid and well-timed information and technical analysis, hence our system delivers high quality technical analysis instantly. Providing any changes in market speculation and analysis, updates on our technical analysis would be delivered promptly
Variable Pips
Our candlestick technical analysis system offers different TP and SL prices based on selected timeframe
Timely alert
Immediate alert will be generated after candlestick has formed
Totally FREE
We offer our outstanding candlestick technical analysis services for free
We provide our candlestick technical analysis on all available time frames

Candlestick Pattern

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