Classic Chart Patterns - Forex Reversal Trading Signals

What are Classic Chart Patterns?

Geometrical and mathematical equations illustrates every incidents in the world.

Traders can use geometrical patterns due their repeat-ability characteristic to speculate future trend of financial market prices. There are two moods of patterns; Reversal and Continuation.

Traders can select most powerful and influential patterns to gather substantial information to order a trade on certain symbol.

Since they have specific geometrical principles, traders can utilize them considerably thus there are wide range of educational materials and articles with different explanations.

The Classic Chart Patterns including Head & Shoulders, Double Top & Bottom, Wedge, Pennant, Flag and Triangle Generate Reversal and Continuation signals.

Even if you think these trading strategies may not have important or powerful, although huge number of the traders use these strategies so they have great influence on the trend direction and future price shifts.

The signals and analysis from these strategies must have other confirmations like fundamental analysis and indicators for highest possible outcome.

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Head and Shoulders Pattern Bearish Bullish

One of the most powerful classic patterns which identifies reversal points. Our R&D team has selected the most influential mood with highest success. Our modified and improved version of this pattern under strict conditions can help traders to boost their rate of prosperous trades.Multiple Samples

Double Top/Bottom Bearish Bullish

Another reversal patterns that determines strong reversal prices and points. Considering its significance on markets trend and valid results, we have developed generated technical analysis under tough conditions to increment success rate.Multiple Samples

Triangle Bearish Bullish

This classic chart pattern has 3 styles; Symmetrical, Ascending and Descending. Due to their several formats and moods with different slopes, they may be considerably complicated while they generate strong technical analysis and shows potent points. Through profound study by our R&D professional developers, our system has set to determine prime cases in different styles.Multiple Samples

Flag Bearish Bullish

For the sake of successful trade, traders must recognize support and resistance lines around this pattern correctly thus our system is set to detect most opportune cases.Multiple Samples

Pennant Bearish Bullish

Across different inferences, there are various outcomes thus traders must have considerable experience and skills to find valid technical analysis, therefore we have designed most rigorous detector for highest possible quality.Multiple Samples

Rising/Falling Wedge Bearish Bullish

One of the most powerful patterns that has two formats; Rising and Falling. This pattern also indicates strong reversal spots on market price. Its body is like Triangle pattern but with some uneven waves and trends. Price fluctuates inside powerful Support and Resistance lines until a breakout shows good spot to place a lucrative order.Multiple Samples

Features of Classic Patterns in Technical Analysis

Since they are derived from mathematical and geometrical equations, they are generated under certain schemes and formulas
Straightforward structure
Regarding that they have graphical and intelligible structure, traders can comprehend them completely
Highly demonstrability
Sound and reliable information can be derived by traders from Classic patterns thanks to their graphical and analytical elements
Support and Resistance
Through significant prices, necklines and break lines, determined by classic patterns, powerful and efficacious support and resistance lines and levels can be detected
Traders, with any trading knowledge and experience, can find vast number of precious articles and educational materials in any format
Exact order prices
Precise and best price to place an order with determined Stop loss and Take profit prices
Different Moods
They can be categorized by whether they are reversal or continuaion
High ratio of Reward/Risk
Some of the most influential patterns such as Flag, Pennant and Triangle identify considerably shorter SL Price rather than TP price
Future Market sentiment
Whole geometrical patterns are formed to anticipate future direction of market trends and target prices

Advantages of our Classic Pattern Technical Analysis

Supporting ALL financial markets
Our magnificent analyses are applicable on all tradable symbols and financial markets
Most impressive and profitable patterns
Our professional financial team always selects the most prominent and influential patterns across numerous classic patterns
Enhanced mood of patterns
Despite of various conclusions, our well-educated and highly experienced R&D team develops and improves detection conditions for highest quality and most credible analyses
Precise and clear Stop Loss, Take Profit and Entry prices
We generate precise order prices to help amateur traders to place successful trades while professional traders can use accurate spots to confirm their speculations
Available via Mobile App
Our application has been developed for both iOS and Android cell phones and tablets
Attainable via Desktop App (Linux and Windows)
Desktop application can be executed on Linux and Windows operating systems
Real-time notifications and online updates
In order to trade successfully, traders must have valid and well-timed information and technical analysis, hence our system delivers high quality technical analysis instantly. Provided that there would be several changes during formation of classic patterns due to abrupt News and unanticipated incidents, updates on our technical analysis would be generated and forwarded promptly.
Variable Pips
Our classic pattern technical analyses represent different TP and SL prices based on selected timeframe
Timely alert
Immediate alert will be generated after entry price has been touched
We provide our technical analysis on all available time frames
High speed performance
Through our limitless endeavour, high tech and multi-functional system has been developed with highest possible efficiency to detect perfect classic patterns in no time

Classic Chart Patterns

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