Session 2
Forex Risk Disclosure and Disclaimer
  • Risk in Financial Markets
  • Live Trading Account
  • Types of Traders
Session 3
Financial Markets and Advantages of Forex
  • Various Financial Markets and Trading Methods
  • Stock, Index, Commodity and Bond
  • Forex Market Advantages
Session 4
Fundamental Definitions in Financial Market
  • Fundamental Definitions of Forex Market
  • Precious Metal Symbols
  • Pip, Pippete, Spread, Leverage, Margin and Swap
Session 5
Complementary Definitions in Financial Market
  • Commission and Swap in detail
  • Hedge and Carry Trading Methods
Session 6
Brokerage and Currency Types
  • Brokerage, Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Floating vs Non-Floating Currencies
Session 7
Regulatory Institutions and Reliable Brokerages
  • Regulatory Institutions
  • Trustworthy Regulated Brokers
  • Trading Account Specifications
Session 8
Different Types of Trading Account
  • Fixed and Floating Spread Accounts
  • Direct Accounts; NDD, STP and ECN
  • Market Maker or Dealing Desk
Session 9
Different Types of Trading Method
  • Instant and Market Execution
  • Scalping, Slippage and Expert in Trading
  • MAM and PAMM in Management Accounts
Session 10
Brokerage Revenues and Functions
  • Overlapping and Opposing Method
  • Revenue from Spread and Commission
Session 11
Modern and Electronic Payment Methods
  • Famous Electronic Money
  • PayPal, Skrill, Netteler and Webmoney Advantages
Session 12
Binary Option Trading
  • Advantages of Binary Option
  • Reliable Binary Option Providers
Session 13
Binary option Provider and Contract Types
  • 24Option Binary Option Provider
  • Binary Option Contract Types
Session 14
Market Analysis and Trading Signals
  • Technical Analysis and Trading Signals
  • Delivery Methods and Notifications
Session 15
Bonuses and Promotions plus Competitions
  • Different Types of Bonuses and Promotions
  • Bonus Abuse Terms
  • Competitions and Contests
Session 16
Introducing Broker Services
  • Introducing Broker in detail
  • IB Services and Regulations
Session 17
Economic Calendar and Forex Factory
  • Monetary Services from Reliable Websites
  • Economic Calendar, News and Reivews
Session 18
MetaTrader Tutorial
  • Installation Guide of MetaTrader Trading Platform
  • Single Platform and Multiple Trading Accounts
  • SRV Config
Session 19
MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform
  • General Information about MetaTrader
  • Market Watch, Navigator, Terminal
  • Chart Menu, Indicators and Oscillators
  • Trendline, Cross Hair, Cursor, Periods, Chart shift, Auto Scroll
Session 20
Order Types and Specifications
  • Instant vs Market Execution
  • Take Profit and Stop Loss Guarantee
  • Pending or Closing an Order
  • Trailing Stop or Break Even
Session 21
Technical Analysis of Financial Markets
  • Technical Analysis of Forex Market
  • Different Types of Trading Patterns and Methods
Session 22
Types of Trends and Levels
  • Bullish, Bearish and Range Trends
  • Support and Resistance Levels
  • Breakthrough Definition
Session 23
Introduction to Candlesticks
  • Candlestick Pattern in Detail
  • Different Types
Session 24
Marubozu Candlestick Pattern
  • Marubozu or Long Pattern in Detail
  • Three Black Crows or White Soldiers
Session 25
Shooting Star and Hammer Candlestick Patterns
  • Bullish and Bearish Shooting Star Pattern
  • Bullish and Bearish Hammer Pattern
Session 26
Hanging Man-Inverted Hammer and Doji Candlestick Patterns
  • Inverted Hammer and Hanging Man Pattern
  • Doji Candle Pattern
Session 27
Dark Cloud-Piercing Line and Engulfing Candlestick Patterns
  • Dark Cloud and Piercing Line
  • Bullish and Bearish Engulfing Pattern
Session 28
Introduction to Fibonacci Retracement and Expansions
  • Fibonacci in Detail
  • Fibonacci Expansion and Retracement Types
Session 29
Patterns - Reversal and Continuation Patterns
  • Forex Market Pattern
  • Continuation and Reversal Trading Patterns
Session 30
Continuation and Reversal Head and Shoulder Patterns
  • Head and Shoulders Pattern in Trading
  • Bullish and Bearish Trend
  • Continuation and Reversal Signals
Session 31
Double Top and Double Bottom Patterns
  • Double Top and Bottom Trading Pattern
  • Pattern Analysis
Session 32
Triple Top and Triple Bottom patterns
  • Triple Top and Bottom Trading Pattern
  • Pattern Analysis
Session 33
Wedge - Rising Wedge and Falling Wedge
  • Rising and Falling Wedge Trading Pattern
  • Continuation or Reversal Trading Signals
Session 34
Triangle Pattern and its Types
  • Bullish and Bearish Triangle patterns in Detail
  • Ascending, Descending and Symmetrical Types
Session 35
Flag pattern and its Types
  • Flag Trading Pattern in Detail
  • Continuation Trading Signals
Session 36
Pennant Pattern - Bearish and Bullish pennant
  • Pennant Trading Pattern in Detail
  • Bullish and Bearish Format
Session 37
Indicators and Oscillators
  • Indicators and Oscillators in Financial Market
  • Different Types and Formats
Session 38
Moving Average Indicator and its Particularities
  • Moving Average Indicator in Detail
Session 39
Relative Strength Index-RSI Indicator
  • Relative Strength Index - RSI Indicator
  • Levels, Overbought and Oversold Areas
Session 40
Commodity Channel Index-CCI Indicator
  • CCI - Commodity Channel Index in Detail
  • Overbought and Oversold Regions
Session 41
MACD Indicator
  • Moving Average Convergence Divergence Indicator
  • Bullish Bearish Trading Signals
Session 42
Divergence and Convergence
  • Divergence and Convergence - Trading Strategy
  • MACD, AO and RSI Application
Session 43
Bullish and Bearish Hidden Divergence
  • Bearish and Bullish Hidden Divergence
  • AO, MACD and RSI Application
  • Continuation Trading Signals
Session 44
Harmonic Patterns®
  • Harmonic Pattern® in Detail
  • PRZ - Potential Reversal Zone
  • Different Formats and Models
Session 45
Elliott Waves Theory
  • Elliott Waves Theory and Trading Pattern
  • Trading Signals and Entry Price
Session 46
Andrew’s Pitchfork Indicator
  • Andrew’s Pitchfork Indicator in Detail
  • Reversal Trading Signals
  • Pivot, Median and Trigger Lines
Session 47
Andrew’s Pitchfork Signals
  • Andrew’s Pitchfork Signals
  • Reversal Points on Lines
Session 48
Supplementary Information of Andrew’s Pitchfork Indicator
  • Andrew's Pitchfork Failure Trading Signals
  • Warning and Respond Lines
Session 49
Andrew’s Pitchfork Supplementary Lines and Signals
  • Andrew's Pitchfork Signals on MetaTrader
  • Various Types of Signal
Session 50
Price Action Trading Technique
  • Price Actions Trading Strategy
  • Advantages of Price Action
Session 51
Gold Trend Analysis Applying Price Action
  • Gold Price Analysis by Price Action
  • Different Charts on MetaTrader 4
Session 52
Fundamental Analysis Basics
  • Fundamental Analysis of Financial Market
  • Risk Seeking and Aversion Strategy
Session 53
Fundamental Analysis and Financial Annual Report
  • Financial Annual Report
  • GDP, PPI, CPI and PMI
  • Unemployment Rate and Employment Change
Session 54
Risk Management and Money Management
  • Steps to successful Trades
  • Capital and Risk Mangement
Session 55
Trading Strategies and Customized Strategies
  • Trading Strategy Types
  • Significant Component of Strategies
Session 56
Bollinger Bands Indicator Strategy
  • Bollinger Bands Indicator in Detail
  • Candlestick Confirmations
Session 57
Breakout Strategy and Pullback strategy
  • Breakout and Pull Back Trading Strategy
  • Buy and Sell Signals
Session 58
False Breakout Strategy with Candlestick Confirmation
  • False Trading Signals of Breakout Strategy
  • Candlestick Pattern Confirmations
Session 59
Advanced MACD Strategy
  • Advanced MACD Trading Strategy on MT4
  • Take Profit and Stop Loss Prices
Session 60
RSI and Moving Average Strategy
  • Moving Average combined with RSI
  • Buy and Sell Signals on MT4
Session 61
Double Top and Double Bottom in RSI Strategy
  • Double Top and Bottom on RSI Trend
  • Reversal Buy and Sell Signals
Session 62
Double Top and Double Bottom Pattern
  • Candlestick Confirmation on Double Top or Bottom
  • Reversal Buy and Sell Trading Signals
Session 63
Special Candlestick Patterns
  • Special Candlestick Trading Patterns
  • Buy and Sell Signals
  • Trading Signals Confiramtions
Session 64
Breakaway Rising and Falling Three Methods candlesticks
  • Three Methods and Breakaway Trading Strategy
  • Bullish Rising and Bearish Falling Format
Session 65
Bullish and Bearish Three inside Bar Candlestick Patterns
  • Three inside Bar Candlestick Patterns
  • Bullish and Bearish Format
  • Buy and Sell Signals
Session 66
Tweezer Candlestick Patterns
  • Tweezer Top and Bottom Trading Pattern
  • Buy and Sell Signals
Session 67
R Strategy
  • R Strategy in Detail
  • Buy and Sell Trading Signals
Session 68
Option Binary Options Fundamentals
  • Binary Option and Option Differences
  • Profit and Loss Calculations
Session 69
Different Types of Binary Option Contracts
  • Binary Option Formats
  • Different Contract Types
  • Short and Long Term
Session 70
Binary Option Regulation
  • Binary Option Regulatory Institutions
  • US, Europe and Muslim Traders
  • Islamic Law

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