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Brokerage and Currency Types

  • Brokerage, Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Floating vs Non-Floating Currencies

Introduction to Candlesticks

  • Candlestick Pattern in Detail
  • Different Types

Indicators and Oscillators

  • Indicators and Oscillators in Financial Market
  • Different Types and Formats

Bullish and Bearish Hidden Divergence

  • Bearish and Bullish Hidden Divergence
  • AO, MACD and RSI Application
  • Continuation Trading Signals

Regulatory Institutions and Reliable Brokerages

  • Regulatory Institutions
  • Trustworthy Regulated Brokers
  • Trading Account Specifications

False Breakout Strategy with Candlestick Confirmation

  • False Trading Signals of Breakout Strategy
  • Candlestick Pattern Confirmations

Binary Option Trading

  • Advantages of Binary Option
  • Reliable Binary Option Providers

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