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[accordion title=”Which payment methods does PFOREX offer?” ]We pay rebates via the following methods; you can check the minimum payment amount as well as fees and charges.Payment Method Minimum Amount Fee

Payment Method Minimum Amount Fee
PayPal $26.0 $0
WebMoney $5.0 $0
Skrill $20.0 $0
Neteller $13.0 $0
Bank Wire $34.0 $25

Note: It is strongly recommended that you use online payment methods.
[accordion title=”How can I use member area?” ]You can download PForex member Area guidance tutorial from here and follow the instruction about using all services and sections in Member area.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”When will I receive my rebate?” ]We will add your rebate to your balance when we receive commission from given broker that you have traded with. Note that you have to send the Rebate Request, including your account details like broker name and your account number that is in our list, at the first days of each month.

Most of the brokers paid on 1st of each month, but some of them would pay a bit later.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”How can I use Internal Transfer service?” ]While some brokers provides Internal Transfer to those traders who has trading accounts in same IB group others may not represent this service. For more information, kindly contact support team.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”How can I inform PForex about new trading account?” ]You have to provide your Full name, broker name and account number in Member area. Note that your account must be in our IB group[/accordion]
[accordion title=”How can I check the amount of my monthly rebate?” ]Rebate rate for one lot is shown in Rebate Rate page.If you have any question concerning the amount of your monthly rebate, kindly send us an email concerning this issue.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Can PForex pay Rebates in Euro or other currencies?” ]Currently we play only in US Dollar.[/accordion]

Affiliate Plan

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[accordion title=”Can I earn money from introducing new clients?” ]You can use your affiliate link or code to introduce new clients, hence PForex pays you the commission based on lot size your referred traders have traded. After rebate of given traders are paid, your commission will be deposited instantly. 3 levels of introduced clients will be considered based on certain percentages of granted Rebate as follows;Level commission

  • %5
  • %2
  • %1

[accordion title=”Can I move to other group or change my introducer?” ]You cannot change your introducer, or move to other group. You can open another account and start over.[/accordion]

General Information

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[accordion title=”Is there any limitation on amount of Rebate?” ]There is no limitation on your rebate, the more volume traded the more rebate will be deposited based on certain method. There are two approaches in calculating the rebate;

  • CPA: Certain amount of commission, based on the amount of your first deposit, will be paid by most of Options provider to us thus any further trades would not bring any Rebate.
  • Revenue: It is based on the volume you trade under certain conditions such as time duration of you order or the amount of spread broker have deducted.

You can find more information by checking Rebate Rate page.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”What is Round Turn Lot?” ]A trade that is opened and closed with 1 standard lot size.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Is there any Markup or increase in spread and fee when I open trading account via PFOREX in Brokers?” ]The answer is NO. While there is no variation in the amount of spread and commission, but also you can achieve the following magnificent services;

  • You can receive Rebates for your traded order based on lot size.
  • You receive dedicated and perfect support and assistance from well-educated and reliable professionals.
  • You can use our complete and suitable educational materials under different categories and courses in different formats.
  • You can exploit the most magnificent and valid technical analyses and trading signal to boost your successful trades and profit.

[accordion title=”Can I receive Rebates on my trades with loss?” ]Yes, Rebate is calculated on lot size you have traded and it does not depend on profit or losses of your trades.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Why do I need to receive Rebate while I have profitable trades?” ]Higher amount of Rebate increments your balance thus more confidence and capital may support you on occasions that you have trades with loss.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Can I receive Rebate from PForex when I have opened an account directly or by other IBs?” ]Certain Forex brokers permit you to move your trading account to PForex group under certain procedure. You can get full instruction on Moving Account Instruction page, if you cannot find your desirable Forex broker kindly contact us.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Can I add trading accounts belong to other people to my PForex account?” ]Yes, but you MUST submit owner full name, broker name and account number.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Which factors may cancel Rebate?” ]While the amount of your Rebate depends on traded lot size (Round Turn Lot), traded instrument and account type, however, under some conditions you may lose your Rebate. For instance your order must last more than certain amount of time or you must not use some techniques on that order. You MUST study broker policy that you have trading account in.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Can I receive Rebates on brokers not in PForex list?” ]Kindly contact us and PForex would provide you the solution.

Note: We provide most well-known and reliable Forex brokers and Options providers and you can study frank and complete reviews about them. In this case, it is strongly recommended that you select regulated Forex brokers and Options providers that strive to provide highest quality services.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Can PForex check or access my trading account?” ]No, we can ONLY check lot size (Round Turn Lot) you have traded and commission broker paid PForex.[/accordion]


There are 2 types of membership Plan for Rebate & Cashback

  1. Standard: you can enjoy rebates program and 3 levels with %8 of your introduced traders.
  2. Diamond: if you trade many lots per month, you can change your membership to Diamond. In this case you get more rebates from your trading but you cannot earn from your introduced traders.

In Diamond membership, your 3 levels are removed but you can get more from your tradings only.

Note: any Diamond members have to open account with PFOREX directly and request for this kind of membership.