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About US

PForex.com is owned and operated by PForex LLC. PForex commenced its activity on Local markets in 2008, developed its activity to global markets from 2011 through PForex.org and later via PForex.com. The credibility and reliability as well as low and convenient spreads and commission without any hidden fees are the most important factors when and a client wants to select a broker to open a trading account.

Our reliable team provides the best Forex & Binary Options Brokers with frank report and detailed information about broker services to help traders to remove any trading problems they may face regarding brokers services and policy. The most crucial factor is to find the most convenient and trustworthy broker that has services and policy which is suitable with a trader preferences and trading methods.

PFOREX also represents world class and most successful trading signals and technical analysis on Forex, Stocks, CFDs & Binary Options markets by applying the most powerful and top notch strategies to deliver traders highly successful signals and analysis through different platforms (iOS, Android and Desktop), PFOREX Assist.

The profound and FREE educational materials are provided by PFOREX in more than 34 languages to help traders to improve their trading knowledge and skills for higher success rate and profit. The trading schools contains most important definitions and best live examples to illustrate all trading Must-to-Know data. Traders can select to read the text format or use the video tutorials based on their favorite.

Traders can increase their profit even if they forecast the trend direction based on their trading lots. PFOREX also offer unique commission on 3 levels in which you can introduce other traders. To utilise this profitable service you have to open trading account via our link to the favorite Forex or Binary Options Broker WITHOUT any markup or increase on spreads. Please signup on PFOREX dashboard and open trading account from PFOREX links to be in PFOREX IB group, then insert ONLY those trading accounts that are in PFOREX IB group and then you can receive Cashback & Rebate alongside of multi-level commission from your introduced clients’ trades.

PFOREX share rebate & cashback only based on lots that is paid by Brokers so you have to read brokers policy before trading to meet their standards and rules on trading conditions.

PForex.com introduces all active and inactive Forex & Binary Options Brokers under different classifications, nonetheless only those with rigid and reliable regulations, high quality & outstanding services during several years are suggested to clients.

PForex.com provides costumers

  1. Top Notch and State-of-art technical analysis and trading signals with instant notifications
  2. Detailed information and frank survey about Forex & Binary Options Brokers
  3. Profound trading and Forex school courses under different classifications in more than 34 languages for FREE
  4. Best Cashback & Rebate as well as multi-level commission from your introduced traders

Kindly peruse Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions of services thoroughly before using our services.