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How to find a top broker in the US forex field in 2020

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If you’re just a beginner in the forex market or planning to invest in forex trading, one of the most essential factors that determine your success is the broker you work with. Figuring out what makes a good broker is not an easy task especially if you’re just beginning as a trader. Your success or failure as a trader begins with your choice of broker. So, you need to be careful to choose a reputable broker.

Concept of Money Management

The Basic Concept of Money Management in FOREX

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Although virtually anybody can learn how to trade and become relatively successful at it, there is no easy fix when it comes to achieving the expert level. There is a considerable amount of knowledge to absorb, and among the very basic surely lies the ability to move the cash around – making the right calls in the right time

U.S. Tax Reform over market – 20 Dec 2017

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Federal Reserve’s policymakers only suppose that the U.S. economy would experience a short-term rise from the tax reform, despite the positive attitude expressed by the market investors toward the reform policy by pushing the major indexes to high records.

What are Bitcoin Futures?

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Future contracts include purchasing an asset class at a specific price in a future settled date & point of price, where the actual value of the contract depends on the price of the asset itself. These kind of contacts are tradeable in a market referred to as the Futures market.

Cryptocurrencies trading market

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Cryptocurrencies are generally digital currencies which are traded in OTC market, that is to say, two sides exchange these currencies one to the other Over the Counter. The value of cryptocurrencies depends only on the force of either the balancing demand or supply in OTC market.

Oil bear trap, anticipations to rebound – 11 June 2017

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Since OPEC and other oil producing nations agreed to cut output, Brent crude oil has kept an average bull to some extent moving along the hopes shared by those nations. This impression, however, has been fading increasingly till it perished on Wednesday when Brent closed at its lowest level since then.

Impact of President Trump First 100 Days on Forex Market – 29 April 2017

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The currency market have experienced highest records of transactions during the first 100 days Presidency of President Trump as a result of his new revision of some major financial subject.

Prime financial companies that provide settlement services in the foreign exchange market believe that President Trump and his administration have great impact on bumping transactions up by haunting news headlines

Stable Growing of Demands for Oil – 29th of April 2017

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The Saudi Aramco CEO Amin Nasser stated that the Oil price will increase as the global economy will soar up 100% by 2050. He refused the theories that estimate peak for Oil price within years as the Oil will be the main source of energy for the world.

Some financial analyst and Oil companies believe that the Oil demand is at its maximum level and it will fall down as the demand for battery-powered cars will make the Oil price peaks in 2030.