Trader Wars Contest from Alpari - Real Trading Account

Trader Wars Contest from Alpari - 10 January 2018

2018-12-27 13:32:36

From Dec 2018, we stopped our cooperation with Alpari and we don't recommend any trader to open trading account in this broker due to the numerous feedback from traders.

Alpari is now offering a contest called Trader Wars contest. In this contest, the 16 most successful traders will be selected and then they will for the final contest in which they have to beat each other in knockout stage.

The prize fund is $2,300 along with other additional prizes 37,700 ALP for 32 top traders. Until now, the Bears has 208 rank while the Bulls has 142 that will be determined after the 3 weeks of contest period passes.

Trader, with real trading account, must register for the contest with minimum deposit $50, 50 Euro or 50 Gold currency. The account must be registered by individual traders without any relation to Alpari employees.

Note that those accounts eligible for this contest must not have been used to participate in other contest. Each round starting time is set on Monday at 00:00 (MetaTrader time) and end time is set on Saturday at 00:00 (MetaTrader time).

Traders must select one side, Bull or Bear, based on their analysis and idea to determine their faction. At the first stage, which has 1 trading week period, the top 16 traders in each faction are selected.

In case that there are traders with same rank in same faction, that trader who have registered sooner will be considered higher. The second stage is then considered in each faction to specify the winner of the contest.

The Face-Off scheme in second stage is considered based on the increasing-decreasing method, for instance the 1st place of faction Bull will face 16th trader faction Bear. Final winner will be specified by the amount of trading profit.

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