Price Action Strategy - Technical Analysis and Trading Signals

What is Price Action Strategy?

Price Action is the movement of price in the past, so rather than predicting future movement it tells us how price has moved and reacted. Price Action is widely exploited for generating technical analyses with numerous conclusions.

Mostly traders utilize Price Action to determine most prominent and influential support and resistance levels and lines.

Price Action strategy

To every value that price has proceeded especially under certain conditions or on important positions should be studied to derive convenient analyses.

This strategy has reliable success rate, hence with some other confirmation it can help traders for their orders. The notification after the Take Profit price of the pattern is touched will be sent to the traders on PFOREX Assist app.

Price Action Technical Analysis

There are no same analyses of Price Action strategies that traders can find hence they should find most popular and efficient methods to create their own techniques. Here are two most widespread and beneficial methods;
  1. Traders can recognize some certain points in which price reacted with certain manner, hence certain levels and lines can be placed on those point and prices. Whether it is support or resistance line, it has certain rate of effect on price movement that can be measured by profound study of Technical and Fundamental analyses at that given time.
Price Action Signals
  1. After trend touches TP Price of a sound and distinguished pattern, traders can place a reversal order on that point due to the fact that those traders who opened their trades agreeing with that certain pattern would close their trades after their trades meet TP price thus the agreeing movement to current direction is becoming weaker.

Our prominent Price Action strategy provides highly prosperous trading signals.

Features of Price Action Strategy in Technical Analysis

Influential on all markets
Applicable on all financial markets and trading symbols
Sound and flawless results
Due to analysis of previous market trend rather that predicting future trend, Price Action never generates invalid analysis
Diverse strategies
Through various conclusions and moods, traders can utilize various strategies from Price Action analysis
Continuation and Reversal
Both Continuation and Reversal technical analysis can be generated based on the trader technique
Strong Support/Resistance lines
Definite and powerful support and resistance lines and levels can be determined
Useful for Scalpers
Beneficial for scalpers to open orders with high successful rates
More powerful response on longer time-frames with considerable effect on shorter time-frames

Advantages of our Price Action Strategy in Technical Analysis

Available on ALL financial markets
We generate our spectacular analysis on all tradable symbols and financial markets
Most powerful and profitable derivation
Outstanding Statistics and results confirm prosperity of our accurate and valid analysis by generating reversal speculation on current trend when price touches TP Price of robust pattern
Reversal order
Our programmed algorithm can detect reversal points after TP Prices have been reached
Modified on influential patterns
Our well-educated and highly experienced R&D team develops and enhances detection conditions to response only on strongest trading patterns
Simple structure
Due to its easy and simple concept, this method is suitable even for amateur traders
End of current trend
Generated technical analysis suggests the end of previous trend and start of new trend
Our sound technical analysis can be used on both long-term and short-term trades
Valid and substantiated signal
Valid and reliable trading signals are generated with high validity and prosperity
Accessible through Mobile App
Our technical team have developed application for both iOS and Android cell phones and tablets
Attainable via Desktop App (Linux and Windows)
Desktop application can be executed on Linux and Windows operating systems
Real-time notifications and online updates
For successful trades, traders must have valid and well-timed information and technical analysis, hence our system delivers high quality technical analysis instantly. Providing any changes in market speculation and analysis, updates on our technical analysis would be delivered promptly.
Variable Pips
Our technical analysis can be exploited for various trading methods with different TP and SL prices
Timely alert
Immediate alert will be generated just after entry price has been touched
We provide our Elliott Wave technical analysis on all available time frames

Price Action Strategy

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