PFOREX Member Dashboard Details - Trading Accounts of Top Brokers

PFOREX Member Dashboard Details

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PFOREX Member Dashboard Details

Seventy Seventh session - PFOREX Assist Tutorial

Welcome back to Forex professional training.

In this session we will review;

  • Different parts of Member area
  • How to open trading accounts in available brokers via PFOREX IB link
  • How trading rebate/cashback is calculated
  • Transferring trading accounts to PFOREX IB group
  • The withdrawal procedure from PFOREX Member account

The Member section inside PFOREX Assist app is PFOREX Member dashboard in which traders can insert trading accounts to receive rebate and cashback from their trades based on the commission PFOREX receives from the brokers.

When a client downloads PFOREX Assist app on a device, the account will be set on Anonymous mode. All settings are on default state and user can’t change any option unless he/she opens a PFOREX Member account via different methods. Traders can create an account via their Facebook, Google or LinkedIn accounts, otherwise they can sign up easily on PFOREX.

PFOREX Member Dashboard Details - Trading Rebate & Cashback

Note that if you sign up via a certain method, you can’t change that again and you must always login via that method. For example if you have used your Google account, then you can’t login to your PFOREX Member account by other methods unless you create another PFOREX Member account.

After the sign up via PFOREX form, a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email to finalize your sign up. You can use PFOREX.COM or PFOREX Assist apps (iOS, Android & Desktop) to create your account and exploit PFOREX services.

Let’s check each part and then we have to review the most important factors to receive rebate and commission. Different parts of Member area are;


Only those trading accounts that are in PFOREX IB group MUST be inserted. There are certain number of brokers (Forex and Options brokers) that are available on the list. Traders can find all broker on the top broker list on the Brokers sections but only certain number of brokers are supported. The rate of supported brokers are more than 70, so those brokers below this rate are not supported by PFOREX to share rebate and commission.

Then traders must open trading accounts in their desired brokers, which are supported by PFOREX, via PFOREX IB link. The links are available on the review of each broker. Traders can click on the Open Real Account button to open the trading account via PFOREX link. The website of PFOREX (PFOREX.COM) is also providing the broker lists with the rating for traders’ convenience.

After the registration via PFOREX IB link, traders can add the registered account in the Account page. The required fields must be filled carefully for the final confirmation by PFOREX. After the account is inserted, the status of that account will be in Pending mode. In case that the account is registered in the PFOREX IB group completely, the status will become Accepted. Otherwise the request for inserting that account will be rejected.

Note that only those accounts that are in Accepted mode are eligible to receive Rebate from PFOREX.

PFOREX Member Dashboard Details - Forex & Options Brokers

Once the Accepted accounts become unavailable for trading by the broker or if that account is not eligible for the commission to PFOREX, then the status of that account will be in Removed mode. PFOREX has explicit permission to change the status of the trading accounts without any notification or trader permission. Kindly read the Terms & Conditions as well as Risk Warning, Disclaimers and User Agreement before using PFOREX services.

PFOREX pays UPTO 65% of the commission received from broker on each trading account, so if the broker, for any reason, does not pay PFOREX the commission then PFOREX does NOT share and pay rebate on that trading account. It utterly traders’ liability and responsibility to meet all trading policy and rules on trading.

Trading rebate will be calculated from the date that the account status changes to Accepted mode. The rebate is deposited to the PFOREX Member account on MONTHLY period after the commission is paid by the broker to PFOREX.

Traders must check the commission table to check the amount of rebate for each broker on normal circumstance.


In this part, traders can check the paid rebate for each account separately. As previously mentioned, the rebate is ONLY paid on the commission from broker so if for any reason the broker does not pay PFOREX any commission then PFOREX does not share and pay the rebate.

The commission for each broker is distinct, and for each trading account type, there may be different commission amount and conditions.

PFOREX Member Dashboard Details - Trading Commission & Referral


Before describing the Commission section, let’s review this part. Each PFOREX client has a unique link and code by which he/she can introduce new traders to PFOREX. There are 3 levels of introduced traders. If the traders in your network introduce other new traders, then the new traders will be in next level. Based on the paid rebate to the introduced traders, the client will receive certain amount as commission.

The commission is calculated based on the level of the introduced traders and the amount of rebate he/she received. The commission is not deducted from the rebate of the introduced traders, but PFOREX pays the commission based on the level and amount of rebate.

After rebate of given referrals are paid, your commission will be deposited instantly. On this page you can find the number of your referrals and the percentage of commission on each level. Your referral ID is provided, hence you can deliver it to new traders who want to open PFOREX Member account in your network group.


In this part you can check the amount of commission paid from PFOREX with the payment date. The level of which commission is calculated based on paid rebate is shown as well.

The commission of the 1st level from the paid rebate will 5% while this ratio for 2nd and 3rd levels will be 2% and 1% successively.


Traders can withdraw the available balance via certain methods. Each method has specific limitation and required information.

The history of withdrawn amount is listed with the information about the withdrawal method, value and Status. After Requesting for withdrawal, based on the preferred method, client must enter the required fields CORRECTLY. The available methods are Neteller, Bank-wire, PayPal, Skrill and WebMoney. The minimum withdrawal amount for these methods are $13, $34, $26, $20 and $5 successively.

After all withdrawal request is submitted with CORRECT account information, a conformation email will be sent instantly to the registered email address. Client must confirm the withdrawal submission in that email to send the withdrawal request to PFOREX. So unless the client confirms the withdrawal request, the request will not be sent to PFOREX.

After PFOREX receives the withdrawal request, all info will be checked and the status of the withdrawal will be changed regarding the withdrawal current conditions; Accepted or Rejected. The withdrawal process will take some days based on the selected method and other factors.

Note that each withdrawal method will be considered active only if the available balance meet the minimum amount of that method.


On profile section, clients can change some personal information. The more accurate information will speed up the contact from PFOREX to the clients, hence it is strongly recommended that clients provide additional information such as Skype or Viber ID.


  • Each part of Member dashboard
  • Withdrawal process
  • Detailed info regarding Rebate and Commission


You can download PFOREX Assist app on App Store and Play Store to receive these signals instantly, however I have to insist that all the services provided PFOREX are as information, not as suggestion nor advice.

That concludes this session, until next time and another session, take care.

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