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Required PFOREX Assist Info

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FAQs & Required PFOREX Assist Info for Higher efficiency

Seventy Third session - PFOREX Assist Tutorial

Welcome back to Forex professional training.

In this session we will review;

  • The prerequisite info for trading and PFOREX Assist instruction
  • The how-tos of exploiting PFOREX Assist services
  • Important FAQ about PFOREX Assist

All traders search for the best trading spot and condition to order the profitable trades on their desired symbols. Trades must be ordered on the proper price with right speculations, hence traders must have suitable and relevant information at the right time. For higher success rate and gain let’s review some important materials.

Appropriate trading products and symbols

Considering the wide range of products across Forex, Stock, CFDs, Options and other markets, traders must select the most suitable trading symbols based on their trading methods and conditions. Beginners may trade on the recognized stock symbols until they gather sufficient skills and knowledge to trade on other desired symbols and assets.

As an example, a trader may trade on Crude Oil so he/she must have prerequisite information such as the complete data on the Oil producing countries and their economic conditions, the amount of production of each country, major Oil & Gas companies, production cost. Since trading on each symbols requires up-to-date and extensive information, so traders must focus on limited number of symbols and assets to boost their successful trades.

Short-Medium-Long Term Trades

Based on selected symbols, trading strategies, desired trading lot and traders’ skills and knowledge, trader must select the most suitable trading time-frames and target price. A trader may desire for scalping or short term trades with high lots so he/she can’t trade on medium term or long term methods and strategies.

Each trader must trade based on his/her trading preferences and knowledge, however, medium and long term trades are more suggested due to the short term trades intricacy.

Trading strategy

Trading strategy on a certain symbol includes all the specifications of that symbol as well as the effective currency status on that symbol. To develop a trading strategy, we must have profound knowledge about fundamental analysis in addition to technical analysis, including powerful trading tools, indicators and patterns. There are limited number of traders and market analyst that can develop reliable trading strategies.

The traders can then use the generated trading strategies based on their performance and outcomes. Simple change on a trading strategy may have huge effect on the generated results, hence it needs thorough and serious attention and skills.

Required PFOREX Assist Info - Trading Strategy on Various Symbols

Trading skills

A trader can achieve trading skills and knowledge after profound studies and numerous practices. Traders can find different resources to study and various trading applications.

PFOREX Assist deliver the reliable educational courses in more than 34 languages as well as detailed trading signals and analysis to help traders test the different strategies on different symbol frequently. The repeated practice will help trader to boost their trading skills and knowledge.

Trading Scenario

Due to different fundamental analysis on each financial symbols, there are rational and irrational market analysis that motivate traders for different orders on a symbol. Reviewing the previous market analysis from certain financial analysts helps traders to speculate the future trends, however, extra analyses from different financial analysts may baffle traders to find the accurate analyses.

PFOREX Assist Helps traders with;

Best and most successful trading strategies

PFOREX R&D team has developed the most reliable strategies after profound and thorough research on most powerful trading strategies and tools, hence traders can use the wide range of provided strategies on major symbols and assets based on their preferences and trading methods.

Traders have to check the Setting section and customize the trading strategies for higher performance.

Complete set of technical analysis strategies

Although there are several technical analysis strategies to meet all trading preferences and techniques, still traders can customize the most favorite strategies inside Filter Notification section of Settings.

Simplified complex strategies

All provided trading strategies are broken down to help traders with any trading knowledge and background to comprehend them easily. Although some strategies seem complicated, however, PFOREX represent clear description to comfort traders to understand them while they can study thorough PFOREX educational section.

The key factors data as well as picture of formed patterns on the price chart clarify the strategies even for beginner traders. The several examples of each strategies help traders to check various conditions and practices.

Dynamic entry & exit prices

Detecting accurate entry and exit prices requires several trading study and practice. Most of the traders may be able to find the correct future trend, however, they often speculate false entry and exit prices that leads to loss or margin call.

Required PFOREX Assist Info - Trading Entry & Exit Price, Options Signals

PFOREX Assist represent accurate and precise entry and exit prices that are detected by highly developed algorithms for the highest success rate.

Unique Options strategies

Considering the contract specifications as well as provided assets, it is highly important to find the most reliable strategies that can be applied on Options market.

Instant notification, valid entry and exit prices and available contract types are most key factors for the Options strategies, hence PFOREX studies on these major factors to represent the best ever Options signals.

Most important FAQs

Who are the beneficiaries of PFOREX Assist?

Those who are eager to trade or invest in financial markets can exploit PFOREX Assist app. Traders with any trading background and skills can use educational courses in addition to technical analysis and trading signals to boost their trading knowledge.

Trading on demo accounts with the help of trading signals and market analysis will clarify even the most complicated trading strategies. Then traders can use the most successful strategies on their desired symbols and assets.

Can traders trade on all generated signals and analysis?

NO. Certainly all generated signals and analysis require several confirmations and the careful check by the traders before applying. Although all the strategies are highly developed after profound research by PFOREX R&D team, still traders must consider the market and economy conditions.

When will the signals and analysis be generated?

Since the signals and analysis will be detected and developed by the system automatically, hence whenever the chart price shows a reliable pattern and a good trading opportunity then PFOREX advanced detection system will recognize the pattern, based on the developed strategies, a signal or analysis will be generated.

Can traders customize provided signals and analysis?

Traders can personalize the generated signals and analysis based on their trading techniques and preferences to increase the efficiency and performance.

Required PFOREX Assist Info - Guaranteed Trading Profit, Investors & Traders

Do the generated signals and analysis offer guaranteed profit?

The investing and trading principle fundamentals define that there are loss alongside of profit, hence there isn’t any financial analyst or strategy that can offer guaranteed profit in trading on financial products. If investors are searching for guaranteed profit, they can deposit their funds in a bank or they can buy Bonds.

How much pips are guaranteed by the provided signals and analysis?

There is no guarantee on the amount of profitable pips since all traders are searching for the profitable pips. Trading is not an ordinary job in which a person can fulfill certain amount of time or energy to gain specified profit or payment.

In a month there may be plenty profitable trading opportunities while in another time there may be scarce number of good trading occasions.

Which trading strategy would bring the most successful trades and highest profit?

Despite of the fact that PFOREX has developed the most powerful trading signals and analysis from best trading strategies, still traders must consider the most suitable and successful trading signals and analysis based on their skills and trading methods. It is utterly traders’ to check for the best signals and find the most reliable one.

PFOREX does not and will not suggest any trading signals and analysis for the highest profit, although the success rate of the previous performance are provided. The previous performance does not guarantee future success, hence the success rate is only provided as an information, not an advice or suggestion by PFOREX.

PFOREX brings the most reliable Options strategies as well as best Forex trading strategies. The Options strategies vary from Forex strategies due to the contract types and Options specifications like expiry time, Premium and payout, hence trading in Options requires higher skills.

Required PFOREX Assist Info - Success Rate of Generated Signals

What information does success rate provide?

Based on the performance of a strategy on a symbol in certain time-frame and economy conditions of related countries, the statistics will be analyzed through sound system to deliver the success rate of that strategy.

If a new signal or analysis is generated, PFOREX systems will provide success rate of that strategy with consideration on previous results as well as the trading pattern conditions like the candle size or the number of candles in the formed pattern to determine the probability information of that signal or analysis.

How to use a generated analysis or signal in trade?

PFOREX represents video tutorials technical analysis or trading strategies with illustrated instruction of the generated signals and analysis. It is strongly recommended that traders watch them carefully before applying signals and analysis on their trades.

What is the difference between analysis and signal?

Those trading strategies, in which trend outlook and market condition is defined, with specific entry and exit prices are categorized in signal sections (Forex & Options signals). The analyses that only determine the trend future direction without any specific spots are classified inside Technical analysis.


  • The required info for trading
  • PFOREX Assist instruction
  • Important FAQ about PFOREX Assist


You can download PFOREX Assist app on App Store and Play Store to receive these signals instantly, however I have to insist that all the services provided PFOREX are as information, not as suggestion nor advice.

That concludes this session, until next time and another session, take care.

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