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PFOREX Assist specs

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PFOREX Assist specs

Seventy Second session – PFOREX Assist Tutorial

Welcome back to Forex professional training.

In this session we will review;

  • The difference between PFOREX Assist with other trading assist apps
  • The particular specifications and sections of PFOREX Assist

PFOREX Assist is the best trading assist app in terms of providing trading signals and market analysis. Here are the unrivaled trading services provided by PFOREX Assist.

Complete technical analysis

World class and most successful technical analysis strategies are developed and implemented to deliver prime market analysis. These strategies, such as Candlestick patterns, Andrew’s pitchfork, Harmonic and Elliott Waves, are prepared after years of profound experience and academic researches.

Free lifelong membership

While market analysis and signals providers require payment to provide any trading signals and market analysis, PFOREX Assist offers most of trading services including signals and analysis for free to let the clients receive convenient services.

Low cost membership upgrade

Although the world class services in all plans are provided through highest standard, still the low-cost PFOREX Membership plans are unrivaled in terms of pricing and quality.

Various upgrade methods

Considering the clients’ geographical constraints and conditions, there are multiple methods to upgrade the PFOREX Membership plans.

Unique promotion plan

PFOREX clients can upgrade their PFOREX Membership plan via multiple methods without paying a single penny. The free of charges methods are described in details on PFOREX Membership page.

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+64 financial symbols – 6 markets

Traders can select their favorite symbols from more than 64 major financial market products based on their trading preferences and methods. The financial symbols are from precious metals, Forex, energies, stocks, Indices and Commodities. In the near future, the number of provided symbols will increase.

+3000 analysis & signals per day

Provided that there are more than 60 powerful strategies are implemented on 64 major symbols, more than 3000 analysis and signals are generated. Based on PFOREX Membership plan, active timeframe and selected symbols, the client can receive suitable number of signals and analysis with high success rate.

Instant notifications

Trading on M5 and M1 timeframes needs high performance system in which powerful patterns can be detected immediately to generate precise signals and analysis. The instant and real time notification system is an urgent factor to help traders to receive the generated signals and analysis. Most of the signals providers deliver the generated signals and analysis via text message and email, however, these delivery methods are not prompt and reliable.

PFOREX applies the best and high tech systems to deliver the generated signals and analysis instantly without any delay.

Entry Price alert

The signals and analysis are generated just after the monitoring system detects the given signals. Traders will receive the signals and analysis instantly, however, the price movement must be monitored to inform traders if the entry and exit price of signals and analysis are touched.

The entry price is a prime key point for a successful trade, so the notification must be delivered instantly. Traders can activate the alert and notification on desired signals and analysis to receive any update promptly.

Exit Price alert

Open trades must be under precise monitoring and check system to inform the traders whether their trades touched take profit or stop loss prices. PFOREX has implemented monitoring system in which the prompt updates will be delivered to traders instantly.

Signals and analysis delivery queue

In case that devices are unreachable or turned off, the generated signals and analysis will be delivered just after traders use PFOREX Assist on their devices. Hence traders will not lose any desired signals and analysis even if their devices are not accessible or active. Hence they still can use active desired signals and analysis on this occasion.

The updates of generated signals and analysis will also be delivered just after that traders use PFOREX Assist on any device.

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Compatible with latest version of iOS and Android devices

PFOREX Assist is compatible with the iOS devices, iPhone and iPad, that have OS version 9 or higher. The Android devices, cellphones and tablets, with OS version 4.4 can execute PFOREX Assist app.

Desktop version

Traders who use desktop computers with Linux, Mac OS and Windows operation system can install the desktop version of PFOREX Assist application to receive unrivaled and top trading services.

Multilingual services

PFOREX Assist is designed under user-friendly structure to deliver the high quality services to traders for higher successful trades. PFOREX develops multilingual version of PFOREX Assist to facilitate use of provided services. PFOREX Assist is represented in English, French, Russian, Arabic, Persian and Georgian.

Detailed signal and analysis description

Unlike other signal providers, PFOREX describe each strategy with explicit description to help traders to gain useful information. These data and information can be useful when traders want to analyze the market situation as well as the generated signals and analysis. The accurate key points, precise specification and suitable chart shots simplify the strategy comprehension for traders.

Outstanding strategies

PFOREX R&D team has selected the most prosperous and reliable strategies that brought up the highest profit through years. These strategies are developed and promoted to deliver superior result. The detail description of the strategy, timeframe, symbol, entry & exit prices and supplementary information are provided to the clients.

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Reliable success rate

Considering fundamental analysis, economic conditions and rates, other confirmations from concurrent signals and analysis as well as the pattern type and strength in a strategy, PFOREX delivers the success rate to give the information about the reliability of a strategy.

Advanced algorithms

The advanced algorithms, implemented by the high tech systems, boost the performance and speed of detecting strategies with more accurate prices. The generated signals and analysis will be delivered instantly for higher success rate.

Strategy update & upgrade

Regarding the change in financial policies and new conditions in any region, strategies are updated and developed to cope with the new policies and trends. The success rate of the strategies are checked to deliver the highest possible reliable result. PFOREX R&D team analyzes the generated signals and analysis as well as strategies with detailed statistics to help traders in any market condition.

Options signals

PFOREX represents more than 18 Options strategies that delivers different signals based on available contracts. Traders can select desired strategies and symbols based on their preferences and the available contracts.

Different setting options

Traders can easily customize the services based on their preferred settings inside the setting section of the PFOREX Assist app.

Exit Price alert

Open trades must be under precise monitoring and check system to inform the traders whether their trades touched take profit or stop loss prices. PFOREX has implemented monitoring system in which the prompt updates will be delivered to traders instantly.

Video tutorial for all services and sections

PFOREX provides video tutorials in which all specifications of services are illustrated in details to simplify utilization of PFOREX Assist. More than 20 tutorials are provided in multiple languages so traders can find the instruction of all sections in PFOREX Assist.

All trading services in single app

PFOREX has developed PFOREX Assist to deliver all required trading services via single app.

Forex school

Alongside of best market analysis and trading signals, Traders can find profound trading courses and materials in multiple categories for free. These educational materials are represented in more than 34 languages in text and video format.

PFOREX Assist specs - Forex School and Trading Courses - Market & Broker News[adv_thirdsec ]

Market news

Reliable news about recent financial market incidents are provided.

Broker News

PFOREX delivers broker news in which bonuses, promotions, contest and other information are provided to help traders for good trading opportunities.

Multi time-frames

Unlike other signal generators that deliver the signals in certain time-frames with limited pips, PFOREX represents 1 minute (M1) to Monthly (MN) signals with various pips. Traders can find short-term signals with 3 pips target price or long-term signals with more than 1000 pips depends on the time-frame and selected strategy


  • PFOREX Assist is compatible with iOS, Android, Linux, Mac OS and Windows operating systems
  • Best and outstanding trading strategies on Forex and Options market
  • All trading assist services in single application
  • Video tutorials of all provided services and sections


You can download PFOREX Assist app on App Store and Play Store to receive these signals instantly, however I have to insist that all the services provided PFOREX are as information, not as suggestion nor advice.

That concludes this session, until next time and another session, take care.